August 29, 2017 rhcrowe

Do you remember the book, “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.” by Judy Blume? Maybe I’m aging myself but this book was about a sixth-grade girl going through the typical challenges a teenager endures. She has a lot of questions and talks to God on a personal level and even gets angry with God and refused to talk to Him. Have you ever felt this way? Like, God I’ve been praying to You about this and I still don’t see any change. Have you ever been angry with God? Well, here’s my transparent moment, I have! I’ve felt God…

July 18, 2017 rhcrowe

When going through a storm, many emotions develop; some not so easy to overcome. Many people will say, “Your storm is here to make you stronger”; I’m not so sure I’ve felt strong when my storm initially rolled in but I can say, I always seem to come out of the storm feeling stronger. Honestly, I’m the first to say to God, ‘why am I going through this; what did I do to deserve this storm”; but then I realize, there’s always a lesson in a storm. The lesson, God wants to receive the glory in all that you do….