July 18, 2017 rhcrowe

When going through a storm, many emotions develop; some not so easy to overcome. Many people will say, “Your storm is here to make you stronger”; I’m not so sure I’ve felt strong when my storm initially rolled in but I can say, I always seem to come out of the storm feeling stronger. Honestly, I’m the first to say to God, ‘why am I going through this; what did I do to deserve this storm”; but then I realize, there’s always a lesson in a storm. The lesson, God wants to receive the glory in all that you do….

January 4, 2017 rhcrowe

I recently had the honor to appear as a guest on a relationship expert’s podcast speaking on interfaith marriage. After thinking on this topic and appearing on his podcast, I decided to blog about faith in marriage. Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. I choose to put my trust and confidence in God; some choose other religions or spiritual beings. No matter who or what you choose to put your trust in, your faith is what carries you through the good and the bad in life. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the…