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One of the biggest days of your life is upon you and as a bride, we want to do all we can to save money. Have you thought of trying to sew your own dress to help cut the cost? Thinking of your dream dress can actually be a dream come true for you because you know your body, your style and have the vision brought to life!  I have a few tips on how you can make that happen below!

1.  Give yourself plenty of time. Don’t feel rushed! If you’re feeling this way you will be completely stressed out and it isn’t pleasant for everyone or anyone that comes in contact with you- including your dress.

2.  Set a budget.  Sewing your own dress will not necessarily be cheaper than purchasing a dress.  You will most likely need an immense amount of fabric and, depending up on your chosen fabric content, it may be costly.  If your wedding has a strict budget, be sure to consider the cost of your dress materials carefully. It’s not just your main fabric to budget for, but muslin fabrics, linings, closures, and embellishments.

3.  Try on dresses.  The best way to discover your dream dress style is to actually try one on!  Make a day of it and go gown shopping with your friends.  Try on different silhouettes and find out which style speaks to you.  Take photos and use them for your inspiration. By figuring out your gown likes and dislikes, you’ll have a better idea of where your own pattern should start.  Plus, you’ll have the unique experience of trying on gowns in a bridal salon, which can be so much fun!

4.  Know your limits.  If you’ve never sewn a garment before, it’s not a good idea to make that first dress your wedding dress.  I’m not saying that a beginner can’t sew a wedding dress, but if your sewing skills are not terribly advanced, don’t choose a dress that is too complicated.  Choose a simpler design or get someone more experienced to help you if you begin to feel frustrated or concerned!

5.  Gather inspiration for your dress.  Look at bridal magazines and wedding websites, snagging photos of dresses you love.  Figure out which aspects of these gowns appeal to you and what embellishments are must-haves for your dream gown.  Don’t limit yourself to looking at wedding gowns, especially if you don’t want the same as every other modern bride. Peruse the photos in books (or on websites) of historical and retro fashion, couture fashion, film costuming — anything that will inspire you.  Join these together and mold them to create your own dress.

6.  Study your pattern choices carefully.  Once you know what you want, search for patterns that illustrate your design.  Be sure to study the line drawings closely, taking notice of different bodice and skirt shapes.  Remember that a pattern is just a jumping off point. You can mix-and-match or alter patterns to achieve your silhouette, then add embellishments after you finalize the base dress pattern.  Don’t be limited by bridal patterns either, as you may find what you want in the special occasion, historical, or casual dress categories.

7.  Do your sewing research.  By sewing your wedding dress, you may be entering into a new area of sewing, one with more advanced techniques and unfamiliar fabrics.  Before you start dress construction, read a few applicable books to get a feel for what tasks you’ll be undertaking.   Not only will they familiarize you with the process, but they will be resources to help you along the way. The book that helped me immensely during this process was Bridal Couture:  Fine Sewing Techniques for Wedding Gowns and Evening Wear by Susan Khalje.

8.  Take care of your dress, while you’re making it.  Be aware of what’s around you and your bridal fabric whenever you’re working on your dress.  The last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours of time sewing your dress just to stain it.  Pretend that you’re in a couturier and keep yourself and your sewing area clean.  Wash your hands before touching your fine fabric and avoid applying lotion, as it can stain fabrics.  Keep your nails snag free.  Put your dress away or cover it when you’re not working on it.

Hopefully these tips are inspiring enough for you to want to make your own wedding dress. Unsure of how to get started? You’ll have to check out SewingMachine ! They offer the best products for all your sewing needs like Brother models or Pfaff products. The company is one of the largest family-owned and operated sewing and embroidery machine distributors plus it started right here in Atlanta, Georgia! In addition to various items, they offer classes for beginner and advanced seamstresses! Why not try a class out to help you gain the experience and excitement of creating your own very own dream wedding dress!

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