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When we think of the term invest, we usually think of all things financial; investing in a company/business, investing in a new home or a new car. When you invest in something, you expect a return from it. You invest in things you feel will grow and be prosperous; when a family member or friend come to you with a business idea you feel will bring in a residual return, you make the necessary investment. So, how often do you look at your spouse and your marriage as an investment?
When you take the time to invest in your marriage, you are saying you believe in your spouse and you want to see a good return. You can’t expect to receive a good return in your marriage if you are not taking the time to invest in it; just like you can’t expect to receive a residual income in a business you never invested in. When problems arise in your marriage, you have a good foundation to lean on when you have made deposits into your marriage; you are equipped with whatever you need to get through that situation.
Here are my top 5 Ways to Invest in your marriage/spouse
1. Date Night/Quality Time – when you take time to date your spouse or spend time with them, you are continuously learning about them. This let’s your spouse know they are a priority to you.
2. Marriage Conferences/Retreats – this is where you equip yourself with materials and knowledge on different areas in marriage from others so you can be prepared in your marriage for any difficulty times. This can also give you an opportunity to talk to someone or workout the issues you may already have in your marriage.
3. Marriage Mentors/Married Friends – having someone who has more experience in marriage or who is on this marriage journey with you can help you in your marriage. This group of people can give you advice or show you things you never thought of concerning your marriage. When you have a positive influence in your life, it will reflect the way you view things. So if you have a positive marriagementor/friend your marriage will reflect that view.
4. Meet a need for your spouse – when you see your spouse has a need, step in and take care of it for them. You open the door for your spouse to get rest they may need or give them the time to take care of something else. This investment let’s your spouse know you are aware of their needs and you care.
5. Prayer – it is so important that you pray for your marriage and spouse daily. When you pray for and with your spouse you are building a wall of protection around your marriage against the enemy. There is so much power in prayer and prayer changes things. (I encourage you to pray with your spouse as well)
Sit down with your spouse and discuss ways you both can invest in your marriage. Always remember what you put in is what you will get out. So if you aren’t putting in time, energy or love into your marriage you can’t expect to get that in return. I want your marriage to prosper, so you have to do the investment.
Be blessed….love y’all for real!

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