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Kids are a wonderful gift from God! But let’s face it; many times the busyness of taking care of the kids leave you with little or no room for yourself or your spouse. After drop off/pick up, extra curricular activities, homework and every other thing pertaining to kids; who has time to read a book, write a blog or even think? Well, we have to find the balance between taking care of the kids and our spouse.
Many times (not always) one spouse ends up being the parent that does “running around” for the kids which leads to one tired parent. If possible, you have to find a way that both parents are involved so that one parent isn’t burnt out by it all. You don’t want your spouse overwhelmed by it all that they are too tired or consumed with “kids stuff” where they  don’t have time to spend with you.
When it comes to parenting, both parents should be involved. Parents should sit down and make decisions together regarding all aspects of the kids. If bed time is set at 9 o’clock, both parents should stick to that time even if you do not agree so there will be unity. Kids should never see a division between the parents. When you do not agree, wait until the two of you are alone to work out the differences. You never want a child to play one parent against the other.
Here are 5 Ways to Balance Kids & Marriage:
  1. Get help from others where you can. I know this may not always be easy but if you have someone who can help you with drop off/pick up or helping with homework, use them. (Even if it’s just one day in the week, it will help)
  2. Give your kids more responsibility in the home. Depending on your child’s age, there are some chores they can help out with while you do something else or just take a breather.
  3. Don’t over extend yourself. Remember, your child does not have to participate in every event or activity that is taking place. Sit down with your spouse & child to figure out which activities are best for everyone’s schedule.
  4. Always be on one accord when it comes to the kids. (Discipline, activities, bed time, etc)
  5. Always make time for your spouse. Never get too involved or too busy with other things that you don’t make that time for your spouse.
Always remember to never let what you do for your kids override your marriage. God’s design for relationships is 1) God 2) Spouse 3) Child(ren) 4) Everyone else. If your design does not look like God’s, you need to do some rearranging. Yes, your child may need more from you based on their age but remember once your child is out of the house it will be you and your spouse; and if you have been putting that relationship to the back burner or the only focus has been your kids in your relationship what will you have once they are gone? We have to learn balance. Go to God and get Him to show you how to balance.
Be blessed….love y’all for real!

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